Health and Wellbeing


Learning in health and wellbeing ensures that children develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attitudes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future. Dalreoch Primary is a health promoting school and aims to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the whole school population. Health and wellbeing permeates all areas of our lives and promotes confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes.


There are six areas which make up the health & wellbeing curriculum:

  • Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbein
  • Planning for choices and change
  • Physical education, physical activity and sport
  • Substance misuse
  • Food and health
  • Relationship, sexual health and parenthood

Here is just a flavour of some of the health initiatives on going in our school:

  • outdoor learning
  • annual Health Week
  • healthy, tasty and nutritious school meals
  • comprehensive health and wellbeing lessons embedded in our curriculum
  • seasons for growth
  • various extracurricular activities including netball, choir
  • 7 playground sports leaders
  • specialists working directly with classes, e.g. in rugby and athletics
  • focus weeks, e.g. Anti-Bullying, road safety
  • milk and water available daily for all pupils
  • tooth brushing for P.1 and P.2
  • family time
  • residential experience for P.7s
  • 7 experiential learning
  • Pupil committees – Eco Schools, Sports Committee, Rights Respecting group, Eco Schools Committee

As per national guidelines every class enjoys a minimum of 2 hours physical activity per week. Pupils follow a PE programme which focuses on skills development in gymnastics, athletics, fitness, games and dance.  In accordance with health and safety, pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery during PE.  Parents wishing to have their children’s ears pierced are encouraged to wait until the start of the summer holidays so earrings can stay in for six weeks.


We work in partnership with various health professionals and partner agencies to promote Health and Wellbeing, including, Active Schools, psychological services and school dentist/nurses.