Numeracy and Mathematics


Using a variety of approaches we hope to develop in each pupil an enquiring mind, along with the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge. To achieve this view of mathematics all pupils will experience a range of activities, which are practical, investigative, enjoyable and challenging.

Learning and teaching in maths will take place across the four aspects of:

  • Problem Solving
  • Information Handling
  • Number, Money & Measurement (including Financial Awareness)
  • Shape, Position & Movement

Specific aims to be developed:

  • a positive, confident attitude to maths
  • an awareness of the usefulness and relevance of maths in life
  • an understanding of maths through problem solving and investigation
  • the use of problem solving as a method of enquiry across the curriculum
  • the ability to discuss, explain and report maths activities
  • competence in the use of mental and problem solving strategies