Outdoor Learning

Taking the learning outdoors is a key strategy in our school’s philosophy. We believe that by using our outdoor space at every opportunity we offer our pupils the opportunity to connect with nature and enhance their senses. Our experience is that the pupils use this opportunity to transfer skills learned in the classroom to a real environment. They express that they feel they learn better and it is more fun. We believe we have a responsibility to make the most of the outdoor environment to support the delivery of the experiences and outcomes of a Curriculum for Excellence.

In Dalreoch we take the learning outdoors in all weathers whether during free play time or during core lessons. Please always ensure that your child has appropriate clothing at all times.


  • We have fabulous outdoor facilities.
  • We have the orchard maze for play and learning.
  • We have a basketball hoops.
  • We have an area for free play with natural materials.
  • We have an outdoor climbing wall.
  • We have an outdoor climbing structure
  • We have wonderful garden areas
  • We have our own greenhouse
  • We have an area for football