Science and Technology


Through the study of science, children will experience the opportunity to investigate their environment by observing, exploring, investigating and recording. They will be helped to recognise the impact science makes on their lives, on the lives of others, on the environment and on culture.

The science outcomes are in seven areas, although there will be interconnections between them:

  • Planet earth
  • Energy in the environment
  • Communication
  • Forces and Motion
  • Life and Cells
  • Materials
  • Topical Science

Skills, knowledge and understanding will be developed progressively through all of these areas, again using contextualisation and discrete learning and teaching approaches as appropriate to children’s needs.


The technologies provide frequent opportunity for active learning in creative and work related contexts.

Children will develop an understanding of technologies and their impact on society.They will also develop confidence and skill in the use of these technologies to create,present and record their own ideas and materials.

As well as developing ICT knowledge and skills we also have a wide range of technologies, which are potentially powerful learning tools across the curriculum and throughout life.