Social Studies & R.E.

Social Studies

The learning and teaching programme aims to offer balance with an emphasis on the Scottish context and how our lives, past, present and future have an impact globally. Social Studies topics may also provide a context for teaching and learning in other curricular areas, and the transfer and application of discretely taught skills.

A key aim of this curricular area is to broaden children’s understanding of the world. We aim to enhance learning wherever possible by taking classes to meet experts in the field of learning and places of interest.

Religious and moral education:

Religious and moral education includes learning about Christianity, Islam and other world religions, and supports the development of beliefs and values.

Religious Observance

Our school is fortunate to have a close link with the local churches. The ministers assist with the Christianity element of Religious and Moral Education. We provide opportunities for religious celebration, observance and reflection. Parents are welcome to join us for all of these celebrations.