Our School


Dear Parent/ Carer,

On behalf of all staff, pupils and parents, may I extend a warm welcome to Dalreoch Primary.

In Dalreoch we believe that we have created a nurturing and supportive community for our children, parents and staff. One in which we all thrive, work hard together and have fun!

The Dalreoch Primary School motto is, ‘be positive and always try new challenges’. We offer an educational experience which aims to address each child as an individual with special needs and gifts. We look to educate the whole child and to nurture our children to ensure that they are confident in their own abilities, that they take pride in and responsibility for their own community and beyond and that they are children who are able to make effective contributions to society. We set high standards for our young people in Dalreoch in all aspects of life and in academic achievement whilst also concentrating on developing children who have a love of learning which will stay with them for life.

As first educator of your child, we truly value partnership with parents and aim to work with you to achieve the very best for your child. With that in mind you are welcome to call at the school to discuss with the head teacher or myself any matters concerning the school or your child.

We look forward to our partnership with you in the years to come.

Breege Bean

Depute Head Teacher

Dalreoch Primary School