Enrolling your child

Registration of children starting Primary One in August takes place in January. Dates and times are given in the local press and we also place notices in local shops, churches and nurseries. Parents should then contact the school to complete application forms, taking their child’s birth certificate and proof of residence with them.

Children who have their 5th birthday on or before the last day of February may enrol for Primary 1 commencing in August. Parent should note, however, there is no obligation to enrol children until the August after their 5th birthday.


Please click on the link to view the P1 transition website:


Why send your child to Dalreoch?

We are of course very biased but when asked this question, parents are always directed to the wider community. We suggest that they go and ask people in the community; other parents, neighbours, shopkeepers, local activists, people associated with or working in the school etc. We are confident that they will hear very positive stories and opinions about Dalreoch Primary School.

Dalreoch is a school which has based its ethos on the Nurturing Principles. Our children are highly motivated and are very involved in school life. There is effective teamwork among staff and partnership with parents and the wider community which enhances our children’s learning.

If you send your child to Dalreoch it is the greatest honour you could bestow on any school. Your child is the most precious gift and we will aim to nurture, develop and guide your child towards being a successful learner, an effective contributor, a confident individual and a responsible citizen.

If you wish to find out more about Dalreoch please contact the school office to arrange a visit.